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Simple question about a schematic.

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I have a question about a schematic for the TDA7297 chip. In the schematic it shows a place in the upper right corner labled VCC and in the left corner it is labeled as VS. I have tried to research this and someone said that VSS tends to stand for a negative charge in the schematic but that wouldn't make sense in this case because it connects to ground and the capacitor shows the side away from ground to be positive. Can anyone tell me what this means? Also I am using an audio jack for the input, does any one know how to wire the circuit for this use?


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Hi Abador,
I think we met on the other website forum.
The datasheet tells you all about it.
1) In the low-cost circuit the Standby and Mute pins are connected together and are fed through a voltage divider with a slow delay capacitor C4. Vs is the supply voltage Vcc.
2) In the microprocessor circuit the Standby and Mute pins are fed through resistors and have slow delay capacitors and are fed 0V or +5V separately from the microprocessor.

A negative supply called Vss is not shown anywhere in the datasheet because this IC is designed for using a positive supply and 0V ground.

An input audio jack has left channel, right channel and ground terminals. Simply connect them to the amplifier circuit. The input ground is pin 9 of the IC.

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