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Looking to buy pre etched pcb


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I have been working on a project for a while but I have run into a roadblock. The generic perf board that I bought does not fit the ic. I have looked into etching my own pcb as well as designing my own and sending it to a manufacturer to etch it for me which I found to be way too expensive for my simple circuit. Are there any places that sell mass produced boards that would fit my specific ic and be under $10 to buy? The chip would be the TDA7297.

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Guest liquibyte

http://pcbshopper.com/ but I doubt that you can have one made for under $10, not with shipping anyway.  Search out "multiwatt 15 breakout board" on Google and you'll find stuff for the L298N ($2.95 at sparkfun), just don't pay attention to the pinout of the board and do pay attention to the datasheet of the chip.

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Check ebay.

You can buy a TDA7297 amplifier moduel (all the parts and board, fully assembled) for less than that!

I don't know about the quality of the components (especially the capacitors and potentiometers) though.

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Hey Hero999, I like your idea. I actually found a module that was about $10 so I decided that one might be better quality so I think I might get that one. I have all the parts in case any of the parts go bad. I'll have to research how to troubleshoot if it doesn't work but I'll tackle that if the time comes. Still would have been cool to build it from scratch but I guess it was a little too advanced for my abilities atm. I'll make sure an ic will fit a perfboard when I conquer my next project. Thanks for the input.

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