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School Project : Weighted Timing Controller

Guest mngeow

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Hi ,

I've been recently given this assignment by my school to make this Weight Timing Controller. The details are as follows:

A simple microwave oven has two cooking modes: a “Slow Cooking” mode that operates on low power and a “Fast Cooking” mode that operates on high power. Cooking time for these cycles depends on the weight of items being cooked and is determined as follows.
Fast cooking cycle: 2* Weight seconds
Slow cooking cycle: 3* Weight seconds
The system will not be functioned if the cooking cycle is more than 15. The weight is indicated by a 4-bit DIP switch. A 1-bit DIP switch is used to indicate the cooking mode (fast or slow). A push button is used as START button for starting the cooking process. A seven segment display and a LED are used to indicate the count in decimal format and only odd number count is showed during the cooking process. For example, if the count is 15, the LED is asserted and seven segment shows ‘5’. If the count is 9, only the seven segment display show ‘9’.

They've even given us hints on how to implement it by assigning us general guidelines on what to do each week.

    Implement the 4-bit weight DIP switch, 1-bit DIP switch for mode selection and cycle calculation
    Implement the counter and hexadecimal to decimal conversion circuit
    Implement the seven segment

We're also given a general list of IC's available at the lab , we are able to use devices which are not in the list if the lab has them. The IC list is attached.

My general plan is to use a 2 to 4 de-mux to read the input from the dip switch and select the appropriate cooking cycle.

One problem that I'm facing is that there's no shifters or adders in the IC list , so I can't do the multiplication for the fast or slow cooking cycles. I will be going down to the lab to check if they do have them , assuming that they do , I'm unsure on how to make a multiplier for the fast and slow cooking cycle.

I also plan to use the synchronous counter to count from 1 to a maximum count of 15 , I'm guessing that if I feed the counter a clock pulse of period 1s , the delay between each count should be 1s. Hoping to confirm this as well.

Lastly , I do not really see the point of the hexadecimal to decimal conversion circuit.

Sorry for the long wall of text, but I'm trying to be as descriptive as I can.

Thanks in advance.


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A weighted timing controller, or WTC, is a device that you can attach to a power cord to regulate the amount of power that your equipment uses when it’s plugged in. Or here you can visit assignment writing service to manage thesis task easily. The purpose of the WTC is to help you control the amount of power being used by your equipment and to help you save money.

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