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Need help to identify potentiometers, please

Guest softmonaut

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Guest softmonaut


I have to replace some scratchy potentiometers used as volume potentiometers in a Rocktron Velocity 300 guitar power amp from the early 1990's.
These parts are labeled

15A100K 9252 and
TØB10K 9303

Does someone have some informations about them or a source where I can get information?

THX, regards

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Guest liquibyte

I think the value are 100K and 10K. You can bring that potentiometers at the electronics shop near you.

Not necessarily.  These are slide pots I believe.

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Guest jhunax

I use "contact cleaner" to fix scratchy sounding pots. Sometimes a coupling capacitor leaks DC current into a pot that makes a scratchy sound that is fixed by replacing the capacitor.

lacquer thinner will be used too.
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