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Guest liquibyte

I've noticed a trend where new accounts start a thread with a question that could easily be answered with a search on any internet search engine.  From now on, I'm just going to delete posts that could easily be answered that way.  You're wasting our time and yours asking simple questions that you could find out the answers to yourself with minimal work.  If you do the research and still don't understand something, feel free to start a thread and I'm sure someone here will try and help.

I also know some of you don't speak English as your native language and we understand that.  We generally try our best to understand what you're trying to get across but it would help if you translated your question to English in an online translation program from your native language and posted the translated results here.  You can also include your question in your native language in addition to English if you'd like.  I know sometimes things don't quite translate right.  I usually will try and work out the meaning even if I have to translate things one word at a time which I've had to do in the past.

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