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RF vs FCC (and some secret science)

Guest wdw86

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I'm brand new here.

I took Electronics on Vocational school... but then I got into PCs and completely forgot everything I learned. I can vaguely remember the stuff, and I know I'll pick it back up as I work..

That said, I've developed a new idea that I'm going to hold very close to my chest. Without naming any specifics, I need to generate an RF signal within the ISM band.

What are my limitations there? I don't want to broadcast the signal, it is purely local. Can I generate this signal with sufficient shielding that the FCC never knows I'm doing it? I don't really want to hide what I'm doing as much as I just don't want to bother anyone else. Basically, how does the ISM band work for an amateur user? Do I need permission to mess with frequencies in that band? Does it depend on what frequency I'm using?



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