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replace my multimeter?

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so i got this multimeter (the only one i have now), which i purchased about 8 years ago or so. i think WAS pretty good quality back then.

throughout the years, every now and then, i would mismatch the probes to the multimeter function (volts, current, resistance). sometimes, i would first be measuring voltage, then current afterwards (properly switching the selector to the correct function), but leaving the red probe at voltage/resistance socket. ok... this could be harmless.

but sometimes i would accidentally leave the red probe on the Amps socket when i would be measuring the voltage or resistance (with voltage being in the range of 16-32V)

when i use it, *almost* everything seems to work fine. all the readings of the functions are consistent to each other (ohm's law). i have reliable power supplies and when i read the voltage using the multimeter, it confirms it. though it is about 3-5% higher than what it used to read before. i'm fine with that... but when i use the resistance function at ranges 200kΩ and up, even if no probes are attached, it shows a constant resistance of 36.6KΩ; going all for the 200kΩ, 2MΩ and 20MΩ ranges.

i thought there could be just a shorted/busted resistor somewhere but visual inspection suggest it doesn't.

do i need to replace my multimeter?

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