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making sure the under-watt-ed resistor survives


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a simple question...
so i have to create 8A DC for a very simple section of a circuit for 2-3 seconds. it draws it's power from the 120 VAC mains.

i will rectify the AC and condition it witha capacitor, but i cannot use a voltage regulator and/or a transformer before or after the rectification (don't ask).

so, i'll simply use a resistor to drop the voltage by 72V. the remaining, to the load, so the whole current is 8A. also, the load needs no regulation.

the question is, can this resistor:
handle nearly 600W, when this is only specified for 100W, considering it will only be conducting for only 2-3 seconds?

duty cycle is 1-2 every other hours, just in case if the resistor will deteriorate anyways, i have an estimate how long it will last.

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