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Sliding Socket Outlets

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Hi people,

I'm currently working on a project which basically consists in a sliding box, which can be slipped vertically and horizontally through 4 rails (The images are attached). This box contains socket outlets to connect electronic devices. The purpose of this system is to facilitate the connection of electronic devices in houses, schools, restaurantas, etc. I would really love to get some feedbacks from you.




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Remember having many years ago, a solid rubber power strip, about 2 feet long, two inches wide, 3/4 inches thick.

Had two slits with the same separation of a power plug terminals (no ground) its full length.  Deeper in the slits, there were flat metal strips providing power at ANY place along the contraption you inserted the plug.

Never saw one again; and was very convenient.  Seems they are not made any more, and can be made much longer.

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