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PCB fabricator, cheap electronic prototyping

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I have a PCB fabricator line which is specialized for electrical DIY lover or electrics engineers. 

All the fabricated PCB will be tested and ensured the quality.  The fabrication of 5 pics usually costs 12-14 bucks for 100mm*100mm 2 layer board depending on the design. If you need the PCB very soon, I can get it for you as soon as 5 working days.

Here is the basic stand of my fabrication:

  • Layer: 1-10
  • min trace width/ distance: 0.1mm
  • min via diameter: 0.15mm
  • cooper thickness: 1oz/2oz/3oz
  • blind/buried via: unavailable
  • Solder Mask colour: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Black

If my services suit to your needs, you can contact me by Email. I can get you a coupon or some nice gift from fabricator partner.

[email protected]


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