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PCB Wizard Professional Unlimited & Livewire Professional for Windows 10

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(This is my 1st post in this forum and I will post many post in the near future. )

Printed circuit board design software
This electronic design software is a license software professional edition. This is a PCB Wizard 

Professional edition with learning samples.

This printed circuit board design software uses latest transistors, ICs, Resistors, Condensers, 

Triacs, Logic gates, Input also output components, digital meters, analog meters also oscilloscope 

also includes many type of Pin types. Just like SIL, DIL, and DO Etc.

This printed circuit board design software[highlight #000000][color #000000][/highlight] 

packages includes
01 PCB Wizard Professional Unlimited Edition
02 Livewire Professional Edition
03 Bill of Materials Database Update
04 Examples
Here is the download link of printed circuit board design software.

I will upload it soon. It’s Includes new facility to do more works. In the near future we will upload 

it to this playlist and wait for the latest update.

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