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Need help with a project

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I am trying to make this KITT's dash compass andi have the leds and using a microcontroller to power them but need help on how to wire them so i use the least amount of conponents possable. I thought of darlington transistor ic's but on the 4 10 led bargraph onesi think both anode n cathode will need darlington transistors.  4 1 for either common cathode or anode and 10 more for the other lead for make the patterns. I might be able to use 1 darlington transistor ic to make the yellow triangle leds work using just 4 i/o pins, but i think i need 14 for the red bargraps whats the best way to wire the bargraph leds up? Thanks.


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Sorry for the delay in the reply, haven't been on in quite a while. To answer your question, I have 3 different microcontrollers, The Basic Stamp 2, Arduino Uno, and the Propeller Microcontrollers. So far planning on using the Propeller, so there's 32 I/O pins, but I am concidering using shift registers to run the LEDs.

Digital Compass

This link above is the compass I am trying to create. There's 4 larger leds arrays and the 4-10 segment bargraphs. I need the N/S n E/W LEDs to be able to light up for N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE & SW, and the  Bargrapgh LEDs  Need to sequince up like in the link, but that's programming and so far not really relevent to this at the moment atleast.


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