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Setting current limit on a STP3005 30V 5A power supply

Yoda Man

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Greetings All;

I recently squired a DC Lab power supply and seem to have an issue in setting up the current limitation on the unit.

The unit is SKY TOP Power STP3005 30V 5A power supply, I have listed a link to it below:


The unit came with a small two page manual that covers setting up the current limit in two lines.

I tried several times to do this following there instructions but could not get the current limit set.

I went to U-Tube and found a couple video's of other small power supplies and followed there instructions but still the same result.

I believe that the issue is me not the power supply but there is a possibility that the unit might be defective?

I linked both the positive and negative leads together and made sure that the voltage was set to Zero. Then I moved the course setting Amperage button to Zero which then caused the CC led to come on,

then I moved the current knob clock-wise to about 25% of its rotation and at that point the LED switched from CC to CV.

At this position I could move the course voltage nob now and both the current and amperage would increase.

I removed the probes from being linked together and installed a LED bulb, the unit was in voltage mode and I increased the voltage and both values increase beyond the limit I thought I had set.

I would appreciate and instructions/comments that might assist me in getting the current limitation set.



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It has been a long time since I posted this to this forum.

If you need help because I misunderstand what you want to do let me know!

If I remember correctly I needed to connect the positive and negative leads together, then I turned the voltage knob up a bit then I adjusted the Amperage Knob

to the setting I wanted. This then sets the maximum Amperage

I then disconnected the positive and negative cables.

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