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Home Made Mobile Phone Charger

Dinesh Wick

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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to build a mobile phone charger (For my Samsung phone) by myself using following components.

  • Step down transformer (from 230V to 9V 1200mA)
  • Bridge Rectifier
  • 1000uf capacitor (To smooth the DC voltage)
  • 7805 Regulator (To get output voltage 5V)
  • A micro USB cable I got from a broken charger.

Appreciate if you can share your thoughts regarding this.

Will this harmful to the phone or will this work better than the low quality Chinese chargers?

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The datasheet for a u7805 voltage regulator says its minimum input voltage is 7V. The 9VAC transformer has a peak voltage of 12.7V and the bridge rectifier reduces it to 10.9VDC so it will be fine when filtered by the 1000uF capacitor. It will not harm a phone because the phone has the charging circuit inside it. 

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