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signal over RF for lighting projects help?

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Hello all 

as im new, i will say hello my name is craig hello , and i was wondering if anyone can help point me in the right direction, i need to know what the best kit to use would be, i am looking at sending my indicator signals Left/Right and brake light to a remote/wireless module (this is in addition to the hard wired ones) just in case safety conscious members maybe thinking im getting rid of my light cluster as well im not) this is in addition. so when i brake or indicate this will light up my normal tail lights and also the remote ones as well

i feel the rf transmitter and receiver would be best but im new to electronics and not a 100% sure they need to power of 12v and the remote side needs to be smaller in size to be carried in a pocket size unit, this can be powered by a lithium 12v rechargeable battery and the lights will be led/phosphorus light


hope this makes sense please ask for more info if it will help thank you all in advance 


kind regards

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