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n-chanel eMOSFET data?


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Hello from NE PA,

Where do you all find data on MOSFET transistors?

I look on ebay  for MOSFETs but most do not have specs so you have to search for
a data sheet, download it, open it, and find it's not what you want!

I am looking for an n channel  eMOSFET for a class D amplifier that has 150 to 200 volt
drain to source. Some 20 to 40 ma for current.

I find lots of power switching MOSFETs references.

Are there any good books on using MOSFET transistors?

thanks in advance,

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An audio amplifier with a supply voltage as high as 200V will produce about 500W into an 8 ohm speaker and produce almost 12A peak, not a few milli-amps.

Oh, is your amplifier going to use an old output transformer that has not been used for 50 years? Then its output power might be 1.8W into 8 ohms. 

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Thanks for the reply.

I have a a 400 microsecond pulse every 20 ms that I wish to amplify. I need about 100 volts so I an thinking I need a 150-200v transistor.

I need to preserve the varying amplitude so I can not just emulate it with a switching transistor.

Speaking of transformers; I tried amplifying it with a 2n7000 n channel MOSFET using an audio transformer in reverse (input into the 8 ohm windings ) but I could not get a decent output pulse in spite of using various combination of diodes.


HarryA  \../

To close this out. I found mouser.com to be helpful as they have a system of filters that makes it easier to find what you want - with some effort.

I ordered the n-channel ZVNL120 eMOSFETs from then; 200v and 120ma.

The book "Electronic Devices and Circuits" by "Schaum's easy outlines" has good information on circuit design using bipolar, FETs, and MOSETs tranistors.




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