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Reed Sensor Series Perform Beyond Their Size Class

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Now offered in 2 Form B versions, the MK24 series Reed Sensors achieve a minimum life expectancy of 50 million operations at 5V, 5mA, 100Hz while measuring only 5mm x 1.8mm x 2.2mm. At 50 millions operations, the MK24’s base reed switch, a 4mm KSK-1A04 unequivocally surpassed all other reed switches in its size class. Though ultra miniature, the MK24 is constructed of a rugged overmolded package containing the hermetically sealed reed switch.
In addition to their high performance and ultra miniature size, the MK24 require no external power to operate making them especially suitable in applications with low power and space limitation requirements such as in portable medical and electronic devices. These sensors are used as a control switch or non-contact magnetic proximity sensor for counting, position, limit and liquid level detection applications. 

Choose from 3 surface mount lead designs in a SPST-NO (Form A) version: lead design 1 (straight cut axial lead), lead design 2 (Gull Wing) and lead design 3 (J Lead). The MK24 is also available in lead design 2 or 3 in a SPST-NC (Form B) version. The normally open (Form A) version sensors come in 5 contact sensitivity ranges (A, B, C, D, & E), while the normally closed (Form B) version is available in a B sensitivity only. These reed sensors are RoHS compliant.
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