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Power Supply from ViewSonic PC Monitor


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Hi All

My ViewSonic monitor quit working and I know it is many times a capacitor issue and in the ViewSonic case, in the power supply unit.
I pulled the power supply and I can see various locations where capacitors/other components leaked. I posted a picture of what I found and have a few questions about the components.

The arrow labeled "A" points to three components that appear to have leaked. What type of a component are they?

The arrow labeled "B" (middle bottom up arrow) points to another light blue component. This is a capacitor, yes?

The last arrow "C" points to the leakage in the area of the large capacitor and a light blue component. The capacitor looks fine with no "bulging" but the light blue component is not big enough to supplied that magnitude of spillage. Any comments on how to address the issue there?

Finally, I am wondering if the magnitude of failure is worth trying to fix. A new monitor of this size is $100-$140.

Thanks for helping me learn.

Tags: hd700 đông lạnh, giá toyota vios 2017, hyundai hd72

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