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Bad quality breadboard?


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I recently got an Off-brand arduino kit as my first taste of electronics. It came with the board, components like LEDs resisters, breadboard, jumper wires etc...
the problem is that when I try to plug some things into the breadboard, it rarely works. I struggle to plug anything in and when I do, I pretty much have to hope that I plugged it in right, have to check all the connections constantly and plug some of them half way to get it to work. the most I've been able to do is three flashing LEDs. It is so scetchy that if I bump the table a tiny bit, it stops working and I have to redo the entire thing.
In a month, I will get a actual Genuino Starter Kit to replace this one.
My question is, are good quality breadboards easier to work with. In every video I've seen, they pretty much just plug the electonics in and it instantly works. Is it really that simple, or more like the experience I already got?

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Solderless breadboards cause many problems reported on all the electronic forums. The many tangled wires and rows of contacts have capacitance between them that cause many electronic circuits not to work properly. The contacts are frequently intermittent.

I made thousands of prototype circuits soldered on stripboard where the strips of copper were cut to length with a drillbit plus a few jumper wires form half a pcb and the components form the other half. Every circuit worked perfectly and many looked good enough to be sold as the finished product.     

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I got a package of 3 boards and jumper wires via Amazon.com and they are crap! Very difficult to insert the jumpers into. I also left my review of them and it was not nice. Also I saw a video on youtube.com where the instructor instructed the students to use needle noise pliers to insert the jumpers into the same type of breadboard.

beware of:




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