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Yes, I think it's them. It's interesting to see what kind of computer it is. Recently I read about the replacement of capacitors for old computers on https://www.eevblog.com/forum/beginners/capacitor-interchangeability-in-old-computers/. To understand how good or bad the capacitors are and to find examples related to the laws of conservation of energy (more info on https://assignment.essayshark.com/blog/law-of-conservation-of-energy-problems-with-solutions/), as well as solutions to such problems can be found on the website http://www.mikerepairscomputers.com/hardware/bad-capacitors-your-computer/.

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Capacitors are a variety of electronic circuits for a variety of purposes. They can store electrical energy, filter signals, smooth voltage fluctuations, and compensate for reactive power in power systems. Capacitors are also used in radio frequency (RF) circuits and high-voltage power transmission systems to protect against voltage spikes.

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