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The error occurred in using of XC6371A

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Hello~all,it's my first time to be here.I hope I chose the right forum to ask for help for my project !

In my project,I need to use boost circuit and I rose the battery from 3.7V to 5V. After that,The chip--XC6371 (this one) was surely chosen.According to its datasheet, I design a boost circuit.Unfortunately, I can’t get a right voltage of output whatever I did. The outputted voltage is lower than the inputted voltage.Anybody who have used it can help me? I have upload the schematic diagram,please have a look. In my circuit,the capacitor of 47uf has used in the outputted port while the another one with 220uf in the inputted port. Others I used is 100uf. Anybody can help me? Any suggestions ?

Thanks a lot !

PS: This is the circuit,please have a look!




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