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Chinese Standard: Low-voltage power supplies, D.C. output – Part 3: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)


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This article is automatically translated by google translate, just for reference.

Chinese version PDF please CLICK HERE.

Low voltage DC power

Part 3: Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC)

GB This section 21560 specifies the power level does not exceed 30 kW,an input AC or DC input voltage is not more than 660 V,the DC output voltage does not exceed 250 V power source of various means(PSU)of the electromagnetic compatibility(EMC)requirements.

Power supply means operate independently, or other devices installed in adequate electrical and mechanical protection are -

for some special industrial applications (e.g. chemical and metallurgical) power supply apparatus used, there may be other products EMC standards. At this time, perform this section may also perform those products EMC standards ^

many of the power supply apparatus is as relating to different EMC used part of a large apparatus standards, following a) and b)show power classification and EMC scope standards. A detailed breakdown of the power supply, see Appendix A.

Expected power (a separate instrument)independent
This section applies to the power supply means as a unit and having a direct function of development, especially in a separate unit on the market

"Component supply be divided into two operation:
the power supply member regarded as of the instrument
Present part deemed suitable instrument (e.g., intended for the facility or sold to the public) part of the power supply device,which EMC by the instrument equirements considered for use without additional prepended EMC tests. this does not include a maintenance spares sales the power supply device, which has been carried out as a member of the test machine

"Is intended for professional assembly / installer component supply
section applicable to this kind of power, but help to meet different standards for the relevant end product EMC requirements. such parts supply is expected. these products may be sold by the end of tantalum professional installation personnel who install terminal products to professional assemblers, or delivered to wholesale markets. in both cases, the user of the end product is not only to fulfill its own responsibilities. after assembly further assumed that EMC tests

Note:the power supply device member people end product, emission value Can be changed (e.g. due to changes in the ground conditions).

Purpose of this section is to define the power supply EMC and test methods for limits device,comprising one thousand possible interference to other electronic devices (e.g., a radio receiver, a measuring device and a computer apparatus) electromagnetic emission limits, and a continuous, transient conduction disturbance and radiated disturbances (including electrostatic discharge) immunity electromagnetic limits.

this part of the predetermined minimum power supply device EMC requirements.

comply with this section, no require additional EMC tests, nor beyond the portion of the necessary.

2 normative documents

References the following are incorporated by GB reference in this section 21560, constitute provisions of this section. dated references, which then All amendments (not including errata content) or revisions do not apply to this section, however, encouraged to whether the latest versions of these documents are part of the parties to this agreement. undated references, the latest version applies to this 2900. 33-2004

GB / T part.term Electrical power Electronics 60050- (IEC 551: 1998 and IEC 60050-551- 20: 2001, IDT)

D 2900. The term electromagnetic Electrotechnical 60-2002(eqv

IEC 60050-121: 1998) GB / T semiconductor converter of basic requirements(eqv

IEC 60146-1-1: 1991) GB 4343. 1 electromagnetic compatibility appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus Part 1: Emission (CISPR 14 ~ 1: 2000,

term & Electrotechnical electromagnetic compatibility (IEC 60050-161: 1990, IDT)

industrial, scientific and medical(ISM)radio disturbance characteristics limits apparatus and methods of measurement(CISPR 11: 20〇3,16113.1-

GB / T DT)1995 radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus specifications

GB 9254, -1998 limits and methods of measurement harassment radio information technology equipment(IDT

CISPR 22: 1997) GB / T General Requirements 1 and 2000 detects a calibration laboratories(IDT ISO / IEC 17025: 1999)

GB/ T 16935.1-1997 with the insulating first part of low-voltage systems: principles, requirements and tests(IDT

IEC 60664-1: 1992) GB / T low voltage DC power supply of the performance apparatus to be (IEC 61204: 2001, MOD)

electromagnetic compatibility limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current

<16 a) (IEC 61000-3-2:

electromagnetic compatibility limit of having a rated current 16 a voltage the device= in the low-voltage supply system fluctuations and flicker in limit(idt

IEC 61000-3-3: 1994) GB / T electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement techniques electrostatic discharge immunity test(IDT

IEC 61000-4- 2:. 1995) GB electromagnetic compatibility test and measurement techniques RFEMS Test

(idt 1 EC 61000-4-3: 1995)

electromagnetic test and measurement techniques compatible with fast transient electrical pulses immunity test Cian

IEC 61000-4-4-.1995) GB / T electromagnetic compatibility testing and measurement techniques surge (impact) immunity test( idt IEC

S 1000-4- 5: 1995) GB /test the electromagnetic compatibility and radio frequency field measurement techniques conducted disturbances, induced immunity(IDT

IEC 61000-4-6! 1996) GB / T Electromagnetic compatibility Testing and measurement techniques - Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity

tests(idt 61000-4-11: 1994)

IEC60〇5 IEC-131 billion International Electrotechnical dictionary(IEV)Part 131: Circuit theory

60050-151 IEC International Electrotechnical dictionary(IEV)Zi section 151: electrical device and a magnetic device

3 and the terms defined

GB / T 2900.33. GB / T /,/ T 3859.1 GBand IEC60050-151 is defined given as well as the following definitions apply to this section.

ambient environment

1. 1
residential environments residential environment

is directly connected to all domestic low-voltage power supply utility facilities. Protection from 10 ni,about the size of the room.

3.1 + 2

commercial and light industrial environment, commercial and light industrial environment

are not necessarily all connected to a common low-voltage power supply and light industry commercial facilities. The desired status broadcast radio and television receivers use, protection the distance of 10can be m or 30 m.

Industrial environment industrial environment

is not directly connected to a common low-voltage power supply of industrial facilities, large houses due PROTECTION distance 30 m.


protection zone protection distance

from the electronic or electrical devices. Within this distance, the interference level should not affect the use, such as broadcast radio and other electronic or electrical device such as a television receiver.


Distribution System distributed power system

by the power distribution bus to supply power to a fixed power converter system.


port port

Product-specific interfacewith an external electromagnetic environment.

Examples of ports:

input cross Su port DC input«U the ground port


port of the housing enclosore port

Physical interface power supply device products. Emitting an electromagnetic field through which the mount of the power supply device or invasion by products.


signal or control line port signal or control line port

provides diagnostic or low power level control information is input or output port.


DC input port dc * input power port

connected to external DC power supply port.


DC output port dc Output power port

DC power output port connected to the outside.


AC input port Sapporo c. Input power port

terminal connected to external AC power supply U.


Power(device)power supply; PSU

the input electrical energy into one or more output power of the electric or electronic device.


Power member component power supply

a modular power supply device modular PSU The power supply device sub-unit sub-unit PSU

for providing or changing the electrical energy from the electrical means and / or the electronic device thereof. They are not expected to operate independently, by a professional assembly / installation personnel charged with the end product.



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