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Sort of baffling what happened after a thunderstorm

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hi would anyone know the answer to this . During a thunderstorm my girlfriend had breaker for the outlet for use near the sink OK the power surge tripped the breaker in the bathroom . She has a leaded glass night light that she puts there if nothing else is being used it has a switch on it . Well she told me in the morning that it was not working so i reset it Went to check to see if outlet was hot by plugging in the hair dryer IT WORKED THE Light STILL DID NOT . So i went to the kitchen with the bathroom stain glass light with the switch plugged it in it to my surprise it worked. WHEN i tried in the bathroom now it worked .COOL So works now my job is done. MY QUESTION IS why did this happen did something in the light have to be reset after the thunder storm or was it the outlet ?What was keeping the light from getting power and it was very low power one was a low wt bulb and a hairdryer would work that draws so much more worked well the whole time providing the power was on This is strange to me.

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