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Loud music from over-the-fence is causing offence...


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After recently becoming somewhat broke, my wife and I were forced to settle in a small town in a very Wild-Westy part of New Zealand: Deepest darkest Southland. Like many of the inhabitants of this hillbilliyish community, our hard-smoking, hard-drinking, benefit-frauding 'neighbours' on the north side, are unable to function without a constant diet of loud 'music'.

more: dự án eco dream

(I use the term 'music' in the loosest possible way. It's just repetitive, thumping noise)

I won't detail all of the hoops we've jumped through to try and get this racket to cease. Suffice to say we've exhausted almost all options, except, of course, moving elsewhere. We can't afford it.

more: chung cư mỹ đình 2

However, it occurred to me that, as these trogs like their noise so much, it might be helpful if I were to amplify the waves that beam over the fence, and feed it back to them.

I have a fairly powerful amp and a few spare speakers, but I'm sure I can cobble together something else if it's required.

Advice will be appreciated.

more: chung cư eco dream city

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