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In need of lighting (power) guidance


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Hello all, I've arrived here after what feels like hours of scouring the web for the info I'm after but I feel like I'm just not getting the search terms right or something. So here I am, first time poster hoping for some guidance to what I think should be a simple question?

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I'm actually a chainsaw carver but have been known to solder a circuit board to some stepper motors and wire up cars and boats and bikes so I'm not afraid of electrical stuff and know my way around heat shrink, heat sinks and connectors. I'm currently working on a carving with some built in illumination using EL wire and fiber optic end glow cables. It's the fiber optics that has me here today - more specifically, the LEDs which I'll be using to illuminate the fibers. 

The EL wire is powered by one of those "iPhone" cube adapters which as far as I know are 5v outputs at 1 amp. The USB cable plugs into the EL wire laser module (its laser wire, not actually EL wire). Switch power on, the wire glows. Easy enough. 

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My question is regarding the LEDs for the fiber optic cable. I've purchased cheap little "fiber optic desk lamp" decor bits which have an RGB trio of LEDs powered by three AA batteries. If I cut open a USB cable to pull the power leads, will I be able to power these with another if those little USB cubes? What I don't know is the amp requirements of the LEDs since I'm just hacking apart a "toy". Is it possible that they are 3v LEDs? Or would they be 5v? I've only got two to run, about 36" away from each other so I was hoping to have one central plug location and run power to the LED boards by connecting wire. 

Alternatively, does anyone know a source for solar rechargeable, three AA battery power packs like those found on solar garden string lights? I could just buy the whole thing and snip off the lights but what I'd rather do is completely dismantle everything so I could remote-locate the panel up top where it'll get the sun. And why buy the lights only to snip them off?

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Lots in here already, sorry for the long post. I just don't know where to look to find my answers here. Thought maybe someone here could help or point me in the right direction. I promise photos once the project is complete!

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