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Help putting timer on my welder

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Hi Guys,

Im looking at adding a delay timer to my mig welder, ( new welders come with this) I need it to be adjustable in sec, on for 1-10 sec and off for 1-2 sec, I would like it to work with the trigger on my welder. I see all kind of delay timers on ebay but not sure witch one would work, I would like one with dials just for easy adjustability but not necessary . I would put a switch in between the timer so i could have the welder in normal mode and switch it to stitch welding (timer mode) .The welder is 220v but if i cant fined a timer that works with 220v i can just run a different power supply for the timer.

Thanks for your time and help.



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I would think few of us would know anything about mig welders. I gather you want to hot switch the current from the mains

to the welder. What current does your welder draw would be a start. You may need a high current relay to do the switching.

Like? https://www.grainger.com/product/5ZH38?cm_mmc=PPC:+Google+PLA&s_kwcid=AL!2966!3!166591437759!!!g!81032003877!&ef_id=WqqIQwAAAacd4m57:20180315145043:s

It's rated "AC contract rating - relay: 25 amperes at 240 volts ac." You need a relay rated higher than it draws off the mains because of the inductive load - I gather the mig welders have a transformer at the input like an arc welder?



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To achieve what you would like you need a programmable timer to be able to set the ON-OFF time at high precision. I don't know if you can find such timer in the market, as most timers are rated about 16A and are weekly programmable. What possibly you could do is to use a timer to set the ON time and keep the OFF time manually. In this case a timer like:



may help.

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The settings on a MIG welding machine are best set within the voltage range of what the welding machines charts have suggested for that metal thickness. The transfer type mostly changes with the wire speed and gas type. When setting your wire speed to the transfer type you need or like to use it is always best to listen to the sound of the weld. Short circuit has a fast crackle sound; globular has a few crackles or pops a second and true spray transfer has just the hum of the welder or hissing sound. Once you learn the sound, you will know the settings.

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