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Reflowing SMD PCBs with suspected dry-joint components on them?

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We have some all-SMD, FR4 PCBs which comprise LEDs and Driver components, or some PCBs which have just driver components. These PCBs are either double sided or 4 layer. They are 1.6mm in thickness. The components range from D2PAK FETs down to 0402 resistors, and 4mm by 4mm SMD LEDs.

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We are sometimes finding that these PCBs, when delivered to us, don't work because of dry-jointed LEDs or other components.

We find this out because we can often make PCBs work by simply 'dunking' on/near the component pads with a big , wetted soldering iron.

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However, we really need a better way to reflow these SMD components. Do you believe a hot-plate would be best?, or some kind of little SMD oven?, or an IR oven?
Sometimes the dry-jointed components have connection to a thermal copper pour on the PCB bottom. -But sometimes this is not the case.

We are actually wondering if the best & quickest way of doing it could be to simply put the PCB on a cheap hot-plate and waft over the suspect dry-joint components with a "gas gun" soldering tool?..(blowing scorching hot air on the suspect components)

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