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Is it possible for me to build my own Faraday cage and counter surveillance equipment


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This is my very first post on this great forum. I do not have any background in electronics.

I want to know if it'll be possible for me to build my own Faraday cage, what tools and equipment would I need? On the net, people are saying, one would need wood, aluminum mesh or copper mesh. Which of these two is better? Is there a way to verify that the aluminum mesh I receive is really aluminum and not something which is passed off as aluminum. Will it block almost all EMF?

Is it possible for a normal person to build their counter surveillance equipment of the sort shown below?

1. 12 Antenna all frequency jammer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMOpxrs53YQ

2. Hidden spy camera viewer: https://www.naconwireless.com/our-products/anti-spy-equipments/?SingleProduct=22


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