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Help for read MCU HR7P169 ( from my Hot air soldering station )


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Hello guys
I have one request.
I bought a hot air station .This device - at a low price - where the main role for the job is using a microcontroller  HR7P169
There is a connector option on the PCB and I suppose it is for reading and overwriting. After the station for me was 30 euros and the microcontroller for almost 2 euros.
What will be needed to try reading the code and having it as a file

this device is powered directly to the electrical outlet to the white connector, and when I set the temperature, I see the heater flashing differently according to the temperature and the power of the air jet.
When placed, the stand stops heating and only blows while it is needed or if it reaches 100 degrees and shuts downHTB149twMNnaK1RjSZFtq6zC2VXa8.jpg

Chips using in this device :

Upper left -> Eastsoft HR7P169BFGTF 

Upper right  -> F7103

in the middle on pcb -> LM358

in the  below the transformer -> PN8370

Using moc3023  who the control bta12/800A



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As only the CPU has access to the flash memory I would think it would not be possible to access the code. If it were on a separate chip you could read it with the right equipment. It may be better to develop your own code rather then try to reverse engineer  this device.


169.thumb.png.4626f2b3a66d8c422cdaac1b7311d6a8.pngchip you

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After I did not see the board name (usually write the PCB model), I removed the front panel. But obviously this is a super new version of a PCB and there is no information.
If the  connector ( sck  sda rst vcc gnd ) ... I now see that some of the captions are used in the  oled displays.

And it's actually programmed or connected to a display instead of a 7-segment indicator ?


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