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Help Required -Timing System RS232 to Analog Conversion

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 I currently volunteer at a cycling facility with timing system that currently relies on a (12V dc 20mA) normally open tapeswitch being activated by the wheel passing over the tape. The tape switch  plugs into the timing system via two 4mm banana switches (sockets)

Due to the time and expense involved in laying the tapes down and removing them, hopefully undamaged, the hope is to replace the tapeswitch with our own transponder / loop system which has a decoder with an RS232 output (Rx, Tx and GND). 

Is there a device that would convert the RS232 signal to analogue to provide an analogue signal to mimic the impulse signal of the tapeswitch. Or at least activate a relay that would mimic the tape switch?

We cannot break into the existing system so need a solution that interfaces with the RS232 output of the decoder and the 2 x 4mm banana switches on the venue’s timing system

Grateful for any advice


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Hello, You could use a rs232 to ttl  converter  that you could connect to an Arduino microprocessor, You can get the converter for 1$, Arduino from 10$ to 30$ depending on the quality you want. Also you need a power supply about 10$ and a relay about 5$,  Plus connectors.

see: https://daverobertson63.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/serial-port-mini-rs232-to-ttl-converter-adaptor-module-board-max3232-with-arduino/

Many of us can help you with the software.  I just got a large memory Arduino for 10$ that I am using for a talking weather station.

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