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I have this UPS - without battery pack and external cabble with 9 pin molex mlx.

I need the circuit to know how to connect the batteries. Because with this connector I have cables from the battery (I suppose is for 48 volts) I have the power cables to the transistor switches but I have 2 cables that go to the electronics that drives the power part.

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In this file ( who i downloaded  before days ) i do not see how this 8 x 6 V Batteryes  will be conected with cable and 9 pin connector . .
In my case i have 9 wire on this connector . 
3 from them - connected  to Positive end from Battery pack 
3 from them - connected  to Minus from Battery  pack.
This wire connected to power inverter MOS Transistors 

1 wire - connected  to chassis of UPS
Have 2 wire - who connected to pcb up to  transistors , resistors , diodes , CPU ) 


It is possible with these two wires to feed the electronics that command the mos transistors and do not know what voltage it should be.
That's why I was hoping for this scheme - to see at certain points what I should have

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