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I'm planning on making a electric bobbin winder for my wife for christmas. There are electric bobbin winders on the market, however, they are quite expensive and I'm not impressed with the quality of existing products. I especially do not like the noise output of the existing products. One example of such a bobbin winder is the following:


My idea is as follows:

  • I wish to use the electric mains to power the bobbin winder (220-240V AC)
    • I need a transformer
  • I want a quiet motor, with low maintenance and long lifespan
    • I will use a brushless motor
  • I do not wish to use a gear system - I want to keep this project as minimal as possible. The bobbin winder should be directly connected to the shaft of the electric motor. The speed of the bobbin winder is equal to the output of the motor.
    • I need a motor which accurately is able to do a wide range of RPMs. Prefferably from around 30 rpm - 7000 rpm
  • I wish to reduce or eliminate the amount of programming and components
    • I'm thinking of using a ESC with a single potentiometer input

So, here are my questions:

  1. What electronic components do I need? (Motor, potentiometer, ESC, power supply, transformator, ...?)
  2. Are there ESCs that simply take the input of a potentiometer?
  3. Should I choose a brushless motor with a large number of poles to get a smooth running machine on low RPMs?
  4. Should I choose a motor with sensor to enable accurate speed control?
  5. What specs should my components have?

In advance, thanks for any replies! :)


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