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Arduino rf communication


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I want to make 2x arduino talk to each other via rf and using sensors. If 1x arduino detects an obstacle it sends a signal to another arduino to lyt a red lyt, if the first arduino area is clear it sends a signal to the 2x arduino to switch the red lyt to green.

This is to be used in a railway station, were arduino 1 is in the station arduino 2 is on the approach to the station, if 1 has a train then 2 is red, if no train in 1 area then 2 can proceed to station.

I hope that is understandable to you. 

Plz try to help. 

[email protected] 

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If you search on amazon.com for "arduino rf" you will find various transmitter - receiver options. Like this for example>


for this model note:

  • T400 Transmission Distance: 400M
  • T400 Receiving Distance: 50M
  • GWB Transmission Distance: 400M
  • GWB Receiving Distance: 400M

I do not see the differences between the T400 and the GWB units when ordering the units. 

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