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Alan Gill

12 volt under voltage controller wiring

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I'm wondering if you could help me with a question about using a low voltage controller on a 12 volt car auxiliary circuit.

The set up I have is this:

 A 12 volt auxiliary battery that provides power for a 12 v fridge. The auxiliary battery is charged via the alternator and a solar panel.

 I want to put a low voltage controller into the circuit so that the battery does not get drained below 11 volts.

 I have purchased a control unit but I am concerned that the wiring for the fridge is too heavy for the small controller to wire it directly into the circuit.

 What I am wondering is can I wire the low voltage controller through a relay that would turn the power on and off to the fridge? I assume that I would need to put some sort of electrically controlled switch that the relay would activate.

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That seems like a good idea. I gather that such refrigerators draw something like 5 to 7 amperes. A relay could handle that; such as:


I  think one should put a diode across the relay coil (in reverse) to protect the controller.



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