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Help request about an optimum switching design

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I have 9 driven electrodes. I want to read (I) and (V) measurements via these probes. Here is the pairing configuration(Current is measured via the first couple ,and the voltage is measured via the second couple):
As seen,the total number of pairings is 21.
So,what kind of switching configuration would be the best,in order to save time utmost for measurement process?I would like to get ideas to achieve an optimum design.

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You need to define " driven electrodes ". Are they two leaded devices? Can they share a common ground?

Do you have  a set of relays in mind? If so can you use solid state relays?

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 I made my measurement design just depending on the resistivity measuring technique. I can just add a photo of the instrument which I made and now I wanted to develop it in order to decrease the measurement time by a switching design. Another detail is that during the measurement the electrodes are dipolar.For example,in 1-2+3-4 step,3 is negative pole and 4 is the positive pole,and then in the following step 1-2+4-5 the electrode 4 is the negative pole. That's why switching configuration has become a problem for me.I manually plug the jacks of the paired electrodes according to the order,and get the measurements via 2 multimeters; one of them for V,and the other for I.The first pair of electrodes is to measure the I in miniamperes,and the lateral pair is to measure the values in minivolts.


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I do not understand enough what you are doing to be helpful.

Can you say, as a model, each electrode is like a wire of different metal (like copper, zinc, iron, etc) placed in an solution such that each creates a different  electromotive force (emf) or voltage. Each wire/electrode has a higher emf going from 1 to 9 perhaps?  Like  wire 1 has 0.1 mv emf, wire 2 has 0.15 mv emf, and so on.

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There are only 6 unique numbers in each column  above. If you used 4 rotary switches with one wafer each that would only require 6 * 4 = 24 contacts.

A 6 position switch with one wafer:


6 p rot switch.jpg

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