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Realtek Ameba Arduino Wireless LCD Network Real-Time Clock


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Do you want to always keep track with the time of place of your interest without having to google it?

Then this project is what you are looking for!

This LCD Real-Time Network Clock make use of Network Time Protocol (NTP) together with a WiFi-enabled IOT microcontroller--Realtek Ameba 1 (RTL8195AM/ RTL8710AF) to create the product that you need.

All you need to do is to let the microcontroller know which area's time that you would like to see and key in your WiFi SSID and password and that's it ! No matter how many time the power is off, or you have moved, as soon as it's powered back on and connected to the network, it will tell you the rigth time instantaneously!

And of course, if you are arduino-savvy, you can program this product to read out the time or even control the lightings in your room accroding to the time bocause the soc used in the microcontroller is so powerful that it's able to connect more than dozens of devices and run multiple tasks simultaneously.

For DIY upgrading this project, you may refer to www.amebaiot.com for more information.

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It would be cool to find some kind of app with a clock or just the ability to keep track of the time while you work. As a freelancer, I can fall into a task and spend a whole day or more on it, bringing all the details to perfection.

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Not the best approach to work. You'll definitely not achieve perfection, but you'll spend a lot of time and effort, it's true. Try to work using time tracker for freelancers. It helps me to regulate the time of work. When I start working, I turn on the timer, and if I see that I'm sitting for several hours without a break, I understand that it's time to at least take a break. Also it solved the problem with the payment of my work. Pretty easy to calculate hours of work.

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