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Snubber Circuit Design 230V, 16A, Problem in small load, Current Flow!

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We designed this Snubber Circuit with this varistor in parallel but we have a problem in a small load. Even when the relay is disconnected, a small current is flowing. For example, when connecting a phone charger, the phone screen keeps turning on and off.
The varistor is Hongzhi Elec 7D471K
The resistor is 2.2 ±5% 1W ±350ppm/°C Axial,3.3x9.2mm Carbon
The capacitor is 100nF ±10% 275VAC 10 Through Hole,P=10mm Suppression Capacitors

I think the problem is with the capacitor and maybe I need a smaller one to increase the impedance and limit the current flow or schematic problem.



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The capacitance reactance of the 100nf would be in the order of 26.6K so that could give you a current in the order of a few milli-amperes.

The leakage current of the varistor is less than 20 micro-amperes for the 7D471K.

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