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Use Python to talk to another Microcontroller via SPI

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SPI is a highly important peripheral for microcontroller as it allows for high speed communication over short range, here is how we use python to send msg to another microcontroller over SPI



  • Ameba x 1, Arduino UNO x 1



在通讯连接建立之前,需要先将以下代码烧录到Arduino UNO。

rtc = RTC()
// SPI Master Write //
void setup (void) {
Serial.begin(115200); //set baud rate to 115200 for usart
digitalWrite(SS, HIGH); // disable Slave Select
SPI.begin ();
void loop (void) {
char c;
digitalWrite(SS, LOW); // enable Slave Select
// send test string
for (const char * p = "Hello, world!\r" ; c = *p; p++) {
digitalWrite(SS, HIGH); // disable Slave Select

Arduino UNO将以如下图所示的连接方式和Ameba连接,我们使用第“0”组SPI作为从机, 并将Arduino UNO当作SPI的主机。



from machine import SPI
s1= SPI(0 , mode = SPI.SLAVE)
for i in range(14):
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