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5 pin halo switch to soundboard


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How would I connect two 5 pin halo momentary switches to an Adafruit soundboard (2mb, inbuilt amp) to trigger the audio? I am powering the board with usb and the momentary switches with a battery pack. I am trying to also keep the switches led light on always instead of off and on when pressing the down on the switch.
This is the board I'm using: https://core-electronics.com.au/adafruit-audio-fx-sound-board-2x2w-amp-wav-ogg-trigger-2mb.html
- Thanks, Jensen

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There are a couple of videos on Youtube you may find helpful. The first one uses a socket with colored wires while the second one shows the terminals on the back of the switch. In the first one he connects directly to 12 volts while  in the second one he claims the LED is 3 to 6 volts and uses a resistor to connect to 12 volts. If you need help connecting to the board I will look at its specifications.



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