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Hi there!! 

The photos are from an shaver machine. It only works on battery mode. As soon as I plug the charger, the motor stops. 


How can I make this shaver work directly from power socket, like a bypass to the batterys? 


Thanks a lot for your time. IMG_20210424_013142.thumb.jpg.0395aec61864df38c2f008db77488a74.jpg



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There are three things to consider. First the voltage from the charger is higher than the batteries voltage in order to charge the batteries. Second the current supplied by the charger is most likely much smaller than the current supplied to the unit by the batteries during operation. Also there is a var (volt-ampere reactive) which is an back emf from the coil as the field collapses. This maybe more then the charger can handle.

Shavers typically draw 10 to 15 watts off the mains and some higher.

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Thank you very much, Harry! I thought it could be a simple procedure because I have an older shaver that works both from batteries and power socket. 

So... In this case the way to go is by replacing the batteries for a new ones, because I no longer have juice enough to complete the job. 


Thank you for your reply. 

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