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Simplest amp design possible

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Hi Thanks for reading. Okay I want to build a simple audio amplifier with absolute minimum components.

So far with my amateur attempts i have built a single stage amplifier using a 2sc5200 transistor, with a 1uf capacitor and 1000 ohm resistor as an input stage, but it sounds like a glorified headphone amp, very little output about half a watt.

Do you have any minimal component designs which can put out about 5 watts, or if this is not possible a two stage amplifier consisting of a driver transistor followed by an output transistor, again minimal components. I have 2sc5200 transistors so will appreciate any designs incorporating these.


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The 2sc5200 is a large "High-Fidelity Audio Output Amplifier"  it would be used as the last stage in a mullti-transistor amplifier.

What is the input  in to your amplifier?  Consider using an op amplifier that would give you a simple amplifier that could use a low level input and give you 5 watts or more output.  The LM383/TDA2002 is an 8 watt power amplifier that uses 5 capacitors and 2 resistors. You can drive a 4 ohm speaker directly with It.

As it is an old op amp you may find a more  modern version of it. The LM383 is available on Ebay.

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