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hello everybody. Am a USB manufacturer and I have had many complains from the end users of my USB product where by after sales I have  gotten several information that the USB is not working, I really want to know how i can over come such challenges as for now my company reputation might go down. I want to know how i can test the end product to ensure its functionality without injecting into the phones. I have come across this type of tester ATtiny85 USB Tester - Share Project - PCBWay and am not sure if it is the best. Could any of you have adifferent idea about what am thinking of doing?

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On 2/20/2022 at 1:23 PM, M Salman Sarwar Khan said:

This link is a TTL to USB converter and it works fine but first please explain what's your product? after knowing the details, I could give you a better response/solution

On this issue. As a USB manufacturer I want something that can be used to test if my USB is working without altering if and before sending them to the market... So advice me

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