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Selling IC components (TI, Microchip, OnSemi, Micron, Linear, Analog Devices)

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I have legitimate genuine IC components bought from US distributors. Those components are on original reels or trays (location: Silicon Valley). Almost all those components are out of stock at the major US distributors now. I'm selling the following:

Manufacturer Category Part number Qty Digi-Key
Linear / Analog Devices IC LTC4412ES6#TRMPBF 1745 LTC4412ES6#TRMPBFTR-ND
Linear / Analog Devices IC LT4413EDD-1#TRPBF 2500 LTC4413EDD-1#TRPBFTR-ND
Linear / Analog Devices IC LTC2954CDDB-1#TRMPBF 338 LTC2954CDDB-1#TRMPBFTR-ND
Micron 512MB JZ58F010600Y0400 990  
NXP USB Hub ISP1520 900  
SMSC Microchip USB USB3326C 2640 USB3326C-GL-TR
Texas Instruments Processor DM3730CBP100 639 296-32627-ND
Texas Instruments Power TPS65950BZXN 1111 TPS65950BZXN-ND
Texas Instruments HDMI IC TFP410 804 296-21249-1-ND
Texas Instruments Power TPS63010YFFR 1595 296-23571-2-ND
Texas Instruments Power TPS63011YFFR 35 296-23572-2-ND
Texas Instruments Power TPS73701DRBR 203 TPS73701DRBRG4-ND
Texas Instruments IC SN74AHC1G02DCKR 3000 296-8742-2-ND
Texas Instruments Shift level TXS0104E 2000 296-20697-2-ND
Texas Instruments IC SN74LVC2G07DCKR 3000 296-13495-2-ND
Texas Instruments Shift level TXS0102YZPR 1500 296-21932-2-ND
Texas Instruments Battery BQ27500DRT 1050  
Texas Instruments Touchscreen ADS7846E/2K5 713 296-25903-1-ND
Texas Instruments IC TS3DV416DGVR 2000 296-21176-1-ND
Texas Instruments IC TXB0108YZPR 602 296-29803-1-ND

My offering price is 50% of the minimum price found at Digi-Key, Mouser, Newark if the corresponding distributor has stock for the desired quantity. My offering price is 75% of the minimum price found at Digi-Key or Mouser or Newark if none of those distributors have stock for the desired quantity. Here are two examples: - you find the same part at Mouser in stock, my selling price is 50% of what you would pay to Mouser. - the part is not available anywhere (Digi-Key, Mouser, Newark), my selling price is 75% of the minimum price you can find on those 3 distributors for the desired quantity. US and Europe buyers only. If you are interested, send me a private message.

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