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Animal Repeller

Old Joe

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For some time we have been plagued with neighbours barking dogs. Consultation with owners is useless as are council complaints. I have tried commercial animal repellers but found them useless.

I am looking for a simple circuit to build a low voltage HF signal generator preferably adjustable and inaudible to human ear in order to control persistent barking.

Can someone please help as my wife and I are almost at the end of our tether.

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Here are a couple of circuits that maybe helpful:

https://www.homemade-circuits.com/dog-barking-preventer-circuit/#:~:text=Referring to the above shown dog bark inhibitor,using the IC2 and the speaker driver stage.



Perhaps a piezoelectric transducer would be louder than a speaker. Would require a different driver circuit. I used a device that women carry for protection that contains a piezoelectric transducer in my cat detector. That  is in the lower audio range of cause. It's very loud. I gather they work well in the  ultrasonic range as they are used in ultrasonic cleaners.

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G'day Harry. Thank you for your reply. You have supplied me with enough information to give it my best shot.

I am no electronics whizz but I am able to follow instructions and know a little about electrical theory to get me through.


Joe from Downunder 

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