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programming the atmega 328p microcontroller previous article on this subject


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Hi, I am trying to program the Atmega 328p microcontroller from Jaycar. This is the one they say has a bootloader. I have made all the connections as required in the article. I am using com3 which I presume is a port on my laptop. I am trying the first option and not using the Arduino nano  board. The download is not working. "cannot find file specified" error.

I am not sure at all what the port is the article talks about. Also don't know what board I should be selecting. The program I want to download has been conceived and tested on the Arduino nano board. But as I am not now using this board I can't see that this is correct in selecting a board.

Could somebody please clarify what is meant by 'port' and 'board' in this article. Also my usb to serial/ttl board from Jaycar has a switch on it not mentioned in the article. What is the purpose of this switch?

Programming Atmega328p Microcontroller with Arduino IDE - Electronics-Lab.com.html

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see recent post https://www.electronics-lab.com/community/index.php?/topic/48683-programming-the-atmega-328p-microcontroller-previous-article-on-this-subject/#comment-166370

I do not know anything about the Jaycar; sorry  can not help you there.   I just use the Arduino IDE. By the way there  is a  new version of the IDE; version  2.0  For those folks that use the IDE.



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