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AC Induction Motor Control

Muhammad Jawad

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I am in pursuance of developing a motor controller for an Electric Vehicle. Motor power is in the range of 120-150 kw / Induction Motor at 8000 rpm. DC Bus supply is 320V. Prior to the latter, I had in mind of using a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor of the same power. Therefore I purchased a TI Launchpad F28379D and two accompanying BOOSTXL-3PhGaNInv Evaluation Modules. Motors had not been bought yet, luckily! I wanted to undertake a small scale exercise to fine tune the software and certain essential control parameters i.e. bandwidth etc. Please see the attachments.

A while ago, I realized that PMSM were too expensive & I couldn't simply afford one  Thus I had to shelf the above program.

Now, I wish to carry out the same exercise using smaller induction motors instead of the PMSM as in the TI recommended kit (Attached Documents). Could anyone please locate for me new/used encoder, 36-48V, 3 phase, 200 watts, 8000 rpm induction motors, please. 

Once I am through with this exercise then would wish the forum for help on the Actual Inverter. The need would be for the Design of ;

1.Power Module

2. Gate Drivers

3. Voltage / Current Sensing Modules 

sluubp1a ###.pdf sprui77c-LAUNCHXL-F28379D.pdf DUAL MTR CTRL using FCL SFRA Launchpad.pdf

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