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About GPRS module wireless communication

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The GPRS wireless module is the abbreviation of General Packet Radio Service. It breaks through the way of thinking that the GSM network can only provide circuit switching. It is realized by adding corresponding functional entities and partially transforming the existing information base station system. Packet switching, the investment in this transformation is relatively small, but the user feedback data rate is very impressive. GPRS module (General Packet Radio Service) is a wireless communication module developed with data transmission technology based on Global System for Mobile Phones (GSM), which can be said to be the continuation of GSM. The GPRS wireless module is not different from the previous continuous transmission on the channel. The GPRS wireless module transmits in a packet (Packet) format, so the cost borne by the user is calculated by the unit of transmission data, not by its use. The whole channel, theoretically it's cheaper.

The transmission rate of the GPRS module can generally be increased to 56bps or even 114Kbps. Since it is no longer necessary to add a communication intermediary converter to the current wireless application of the Internet of Things, the connection and transmission will be more convenient and easier. Therefore, users can choose to surf the Internet online, participate in video conferences and other interactive communication, and users on the same video network (VRN), even without dial-up Internet access, and continue to maintain a connection to the network.

The general wireless packet service of the GPRS module is a wireless packet switching technology based on the GSM system. Packet switching technology, also known as (data) packet switching technology, divides the data transmitted by users into a certain length. The part of a separate area is called a packet, a technique for transmitting information by transmitting packets. It is a kind of exchange technology that realizes the communication between computers and computers through computers and terminals. The quality of transmission routes is not high and the network technology means is relatively simple. There is a packet header (packet header) in front of each packet to indicate which destination address the packet is sent to, and then the switch forwards each packet to the destination according to the address mark of each packet. This process is called packet switching.

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