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Long-distance IoT communication: LoRa wireless technology and NB-IoT technology

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The wireless technical parameters of the NB-loT module and the LoRa module are very similar, so their applicable fields have a high degree of overlap in theory, but the difference in networking methods determines that they cannot form a strong competitive relationship. Complementary, LoRa wireless technology has obvious defects in system capacity, speed, coverage capability and security controllability; NB-loT module has complex protocols, high power consumption, high traffic charges, poor regional coverage, and cannot be privatized and deployed. question.

The difference between NB-loT technology narrowband transmission and LoRa wireless technology

The main body of the network is not the same: NB-loT technology is based on the licensed spectrum, and the network is mainly formed by the three major operators. The flexibility of LoRa technology and the innovative awareness of Chinese companies have produced a variety of new operators, such as Giants like Alibaba are involved.

The maturity of wireless technology solutions is different: LoRa technology started very early, and it is relatively mature in terms of technology and application, and there is strong support from the industry and financial circles, and more and more companies are joining the big environment.

IoT application requirements are different: For enterprise applications, most customized projects will give priority to private networks such as LoRa modules based on considerations such as cost and data security. Most users prefer to build their own networks to securely store data. in their own hands.

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