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Basic knowledge of logic circuits and gate circuits

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The so-called digital logic—digital logic is to map the infinite set of actual values of physical quantities into two subsets, corresponding to two possible numbers or logical values: 0 and 1, thus hiding the defects of the analog world. Therefore, through this switch algebra, wifi iot gateway we can use abstract methods to describe the simple 0 and 1 operations in the circuit, and we can perform functional analysis and design on digital logic circuits.

When discussing electronic logic circuits, digital design usually uses "high" and "low" instead of 1 and 0, respectively, so as to reflect that this is an actual circuit rather than an abstract value:

Low: A signal that algebraically represents a low voltage range, interpreted as a logic 0.

High: A signal that algebraically represents a high voltage range, interpreted as a logic 1.

A logic circuit can be simply represented as a "black box" with a certain number of input and output terminals. As shown in the figure below, there is a logic circuit with three inputs and one output. But how the circuit responds to the input signal requires another description.

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