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Grounding issue with a turntable. House wiring? Ground loop?

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Hi guys, This post goes out especially to people who are into vintage home audio. So, I picked up this turntable and it has a grounding issue, a deep hum. First let me preface by saying that the house I live in, is kinda funky electrically. It has a breaker panel and a fuse box. I can only assume that the fuse box gets its power from the breaker panel, which is to earth and to code. To what extent the fuse box is grounded to the breaker panel I cannot say and I am thinking this may be most of the problem. I say this because the room that houses my stereo is in the old part of the house that is powered by the fuse box. It has the old style two prong receptacles and wiring. Everything, my receiver, phono pre-amp and my turntable is plugged into these POS receptacles and wiring. Does anyone out there have or know of a circumstance like this having caused a grounding issue like this? Then again this may not be the issue. It may be a grounding issue with the table itself. Can anyone point me to a rudimentary synopsis of a ground loop, possibly with graphics, that is in layman's terms. 

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3 hours ago, reeldeal67 said:

 turntable and it has a grounding issue, a deep hum.

Does the turntable have electronics in it; preamplifier and power supply perhaps?  The capacitors in older electronics often go bad with age.

see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_loop_(electricity)

note the section: "In low frequency audio and instrumentation systems" and the note near the bottom of the article.

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The turntable doesn't have any electronics in it. The motor is seperate from the table and the platter is ran via a belt between the two. The hum is present even when the motor isn't in operation. I will check out the wiki . Thanks

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